Picioare protetice Triton

Carbon heel spring

The heel spring dampens the impact at heel strike and, at the same time, stores energy for a smooth rollover.

Replaceable heel wedge

With the heel wedge, your orthopaedic technician can easily adapt the Triton to your individual requirements.


The adapter forms the connection to other prosthesis components.

Separate big toe

The big toe is abducted on the footshell, so that you can wear flip-flops as well.

Carbon forefoot spring

The forefoot spring is segmented. This allows the Triton to adapt easily, also to uneven surfaces. The forefoot spring ensures very good energy return, stability and control at rollover and toe-off.

Carbon attachment spring

The carbon attachment spring gives the foot the required stability.

High-performance polymer base spring

It connects the forefoot and the heel spring to form a harmonious overall system.